Tuesday, February 25, 2014

February 26th Lunch

February 26th,

It's such a lovely spring weather day, but they said it'll get cold again by the weekend.

Today's lunch:

Tomato and Egg Udon Soup

Chicken and Hanpen Tsukune in Teriyaki Sauce

Tsukune is basically a chicken meatball.  You can find it most commonly on the menu at yaki tori restaurants.  It's usually served with tare (a sticky sweet sauce) or salt.

Hanpen is an ingredient that often looks like a giant square marshmallow (the ones they sell at the super markets in Japan).  It's made mostly from fish and egg whites.  The great part of hanpen is that it's low in fat and calories but will add volume to your dish so it's very healthy!

You may find it at an Asian grocery store.

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