Tuesday, March 11, 2014

March 11th Lunch

March 11th

Had pleasant lunch out in Shibuya with Mom today.

Ate at the restaurant d47 食堂(syokudo) at Hikarie shopping center at Shibuya station.

It was a Japanese hipster restaurant with the waitresses all dressed like hipsters.

I had the 北海道定食 焼き糠さんま (Hokkaido Teishyoku Yaki Nuka Sanma)

Hokkaido themed teishyoku (lunch platter) with Grilled Bran Pacific Saury.

Grilled Pacific Saury is a very common dish in Japan, very yummy.

Along with the fish was potato dumplings which were super chewy like mochi balls (Yum!!), miso soup, and rice.

Along with it, I had some fancy apple juice.  "Wonder Apple" apple juice.

Made with Aomori prefecture apples; Aomori prefecture is famous for its apples! 

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