Monday, April 28, 2014

April 28th Lunch

April 28th,

The weather is so~ nice these days.  Why can't the weather always be like this, sigh...

Anyway, I tried another new recipe for lunch today.

Baked Cheesy Tomato and Meat Sauce topped with Avocado & Focaccia

I made focaccia!  Since I don't have an oven I made my focaccia in a frying pan.  It was actually a lot easier than the naan I made.

The baked cheesy tomato and meat sauce topped with avocado was baked in my toaster oven.

I cooked the meat sauce with onions in a silicon steamer first (silicon steamers make life so much easier in the kitchen).

Layers are slices of tomatoes → meat sauce → melting cheese toast.  After you toast it top with fresh avocado slices.

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