Wednesday, May 14, 2014

May 15th Lunch

May 15th,

I really wanted to eat a Japanese menu.

Maybe my stomach needed something gentle.  There's a lot of Japanese dishes that are delicious but are easy on the digestion.  Maybe the day after binging on junk food.  Also miso soup as part of your breakfast is good for mornings you have a hangover, it will help rehydrate you.


Tofu Salmon Stew, Cucumber Otsukemono (Pickled Cucumbers), Tamago Yaki (Japanese Style Eggs), and Miso Soup with Onions

Tofu Salmon Stew.  Very simple to make but very delicious.  The main flavoring I used was ginger which is also very good for you if you aren't at your 100%

Japanese style eggs, known in Japanese as Tamago Yaki (tamago = egg, yaki = cooked). It's basically scrambled eggs wrapped into a roll and cut into thick slices.  You see them a lot in Japanese bento.  There are two types of tamago yaki; sweet and non-sweet.  Sweet type of tamago yaki typically is plain but non-sweet type of tamago yaki can have various other ingredients mixed in with it such as fish like salmon and tuna, and veggies like carrots, daikon raddish, and sea weed.

Whether the tamago yaki is sweet or not depends on the preference of the maker, but in Sushi restaurants tamago yakis are typically sweet.

Of course, I have had tamago yaki since I was little but this is the first time I have ever made them.  The ones I made are the sweet kind, not too sweet.

My mom always made non-sweet tamago yaki for me at home with plenty of spinach.  I didn't particularly dislike spinach but it definitely made it easier to eat it.

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