Friday, May 9, 2014

May 9th Lunch

May 9th,

Oh spring, how I love thee.... If only I didn't have hay fever.

I've been watching these medical variety shows a lot lately because everyone's so health conscious.... I think I am turning into a hypochondriac.  Well, not really turn into so much as becoming more aware that I am.  I used to think I had a brain tumor when I was little because I would get migraines so often...  that's not a hypochondriac thing to think, right?


Mackerel Stuffed Peppers, Creamy Mashed Potatoes & Sliced Tomatoes

I used canned mackerel to make the filling for the stuffed peppers, which makes things so much easier because you never have to worry about under cooking things.  You don't need to cook it for long so that the peppers don't get too bitter.

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